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Product Description

We are bringing a huge range of education icons. Our education icons will shoe you the real mean of education. Our every Icon has its own story. We are trying to bring a couple of quality icons for you. I hope you will never see such a quality icons before. Education is an back bone of a successful socirty. So we are presenting those Icons who represent the real picture of education icons. Our Icons difinitly help you in every field of life. To see our icons you will able to understand the actual background tf that icon. We are not compremise on quality.

We are making quality icons, for the Quality lovers. In our icons collection you will see, Day, Week, Calendar, Magnifying, Alarm, Monitors, Books, Education, Reading, Basic App, PDF Book, Audiobook, Bookmark, Upload, Download, Time, Hours, Atomic, Rulers, Mathematics, Drawing Tools, School Materials, Maths, , Bulb, Eyeglass, Graph, Line Icons, Solid Icons, Vector, Illustration. I hope you easily understand the basic theme of icons. By using important keywords. We are trying make sure is easy to understand how to creat quality icons.

What’s included?

AI, EPS, PDF (fully editable) PSD – SVG – PNG (– 48px, 64px, 128px, 256px, 512px)


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